And I’m not talking about the Sabres game, because that was terrible.

And I felt terrible, because it was Jason’s first Sabres game, and the only exciting thing that happened was Peters’ fight, which wasn’t even that good to begin with.

I mean, it was obvious that they were trying, because things worked pretty well, at times. But there is absolutely no excuse that we get shut out when we miss at least four wide-open nets. It’s just not right.

There are only a few guys that I think played decently enough: Mark Mancari (who got the third star YAYYYYY), Nathan Paetsch, and Paul Gaustad. You can argue others, and I’d probably agree and apologize for omitting them in hindsight, but that’s what I’ve got.

I seriously think that the only way to get through to these guys would be to place Timmy and Al on IR, and call up Gerbe and Kennedy, and let some guys who have something to fight for play. If the regular guys’ jobs are in limbo, they’ll show up. They will. Nobody likes being benched so a guy from the minors can show them up. That’s like you being at your job for five years, and you’re being told by your boss that the guy who just got promoted from the mail room is more efficient than you.

Another couple things about them: Craig, as much as I love him, hasn’t been the same since he sat out with his knee injury, and we need a game from Ryan that’s a win from the goalie. And there are others, as well. Drew needs to stop gripping the stick so tightly, and get angry for being benched. He just seems to go with the flow, and it kills me. I’m too angry to go on.

On another note, I saw dear Timmy at the game last night. He was sitting up in the press box. And funny story… I never usually look in that area of the press box, because I didn’t think the players sat there, but for some reason my eyes sort of gravitated to him. AND I STILL DON’T GET IT. HE’S NOT THAT ATTRACTIVE. idk. He just has a really powerful aura, I guess.

Shannon and I were going to flash him, but we couldn’t really see him, mostly because he was sitting down, so we decided that possibly getting his attention wasn’t worth her boyfriend Mark and my friend Jason getting all sorts of angry and the most-likely public indecency charge. But, in hindsight, I’m sure Timmy’s got a sensor for that sort of thing, and he probably would have noticed… Yet again, another missed opportunity.


Are you ready???

Are you sure? Because I’m not so sure that you are.

Well, alright. So, remember how last year, Derek was playing fantastic, and this year, he kinda sucks? And remember how we’ve been saying it’s because he’s a chunky monkey???


Thanks much to awesome reader Katie for this gem. She’s my new best friend (Sorry, Kim).

And I think MJ put it best, by saying, “UM BRB clawing my eyes out because I never want to see another pic again because this one is the winner. We as a society can stop taking pictures now.

Amen, sister. Amen.

If only that picture could help the Sabres play better…