Well, I know I’m not going to say anything about that catastrophic kick that almost made me commit suicide during the Bills game.

Besides, why should I talk about that when there is a new Sabres injury to discuss? What injury is that, might you ask?


Or his yeast infection, as my father said. I think that’s pushing the envelope, myself. We say he’s gay, or metro-sexual… Not transsexual. He’s so harsh to my guys…

But anyways, I suggested to my mother that I make him some cookies, and this time I was deadly serious. I have an excuse to be in the area of his townhouse, since two of my good friends works in the office building about 500 feet away from his doorstep, and another friend is working on the construction of an apartment building going up across the street. SO IT’S ENTIRELY PLAUSIBLE THAT I REALLY AM “JUST IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.” Alas, my mother, since she had seen the infamous picture, reasoned that, because D’s getting chunky, or was chunky, maybe some tofu brownies would be a better idea.

I don’t like tofu, though, so unless Derek misses any games, he’s not getting anything from me.

MJ gave me a good laugh, yesterday, though. When I found out that Derek was hurt, or at least missed practice, I texted her about it, and this was her response:

Oh no not princess d!! They are all falling apart on me!!

Okay, first of all, it rhymes. But she called him Princess D!! I love it!!! MJ, you’re my heroine.

On another note, I found that car dealerships in Western New York are allowing people like me crazy fan-girls to find the Sabres a little bit more easily, these days…

Take, for example, DeLacy Ford:

And, for Exhibit B, I present, from Autoplace Nissan, via an internet dealer:

(That car that Paul now drives is an Infiniti FX35. Nice cars…)

I found the one of Paul when I was searching for a commercial that Kim saw, in which Paul was doing a Jason Pominville-esque promotion. That was the only thing returned to me. So then I ventured over to DeLacy’s website to find some stuff about Jason, and I found some wonderful pictures….

Oh, and Ryan Miller is going to do the ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree at Rotary Rink on Sunday at 5 pm. I saw something somewhere (maybe in the paper this morning?) that it’s $100 per ticket… That’s a bit steep, if you ask me, to watch a good looking guy throw a switch. Whatever, though, because I don’t get to see it because I’ll be at work. What a shame…

But that’s about all the Sabres stuff I could dig up for today. Enjoy the snow!!