So once again, the oft injured Tim Connolly is hurt…not really a surprise there, considering he’s been back for 5 games it was bound to happen. So any of you who are shocked please raise your hand?…cricket…chirp…that’s what I thought.

The Sabres Edge reported that Connolly has a bruised chest whatever that means I’m betting Timmy broke every rib in his upper chest after being hit by Keith Tkachuk. Timmy was apparently looking for someone to pass the puck to and didn’t see Tkachuk aiming for him which resulted in Timmy going down, but miraculously bouncing back up in a very un-Timmy like fashion. But anyway even though Timmy did a great impression of a bouncy ball he’s questionable for Friday’s game against the Blue Jackets. On a good note, he didn’t suffer any head trauma which most likely would have resulted in Timmy having to wear a football helmet for the rest of his life in fear of someone else hitting him in his delicate cranium.

It’s sad and all but it also opens the doors for Stafford or Kaleta to play in Friday’s game if it turns out that Timmyho is too hurt to play. I also have a feeling that Maxie is going to be getting a great view of the ice from the press box after playing for only 6 minutes in last night’s game. Scratching him may be the only way to get through to him because obviously Ruff’s talk about taking care of the puck and not going out for longs shifts didn’t. As much as I love Max I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him sitting out a lot of games in the next few months, because I’m pretty sure if you put a coat tree out on the ice no one would no the difference. So depending on the whole Timmy situation we may have both Stafford and Kaleta back in the line up, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how broken Timmy truly is.