Once again I’m posting because I’m trying to avoid studying for a lab quiz that I have tomorrow, the work never seems to end but this was just too good. So while I was legitimately trying to get some studying done I decided to take a little breather and peruse my usual Sabres haunts. Of course that includes the blogs and Letsgosabres.com as well as the mecca of all Sabres news Sabres.com.

So, I had to let out a big squeeeeeee, when I saw that Mark Mancari had been named AHL player of the week. Which considering that Cari and I drove all the way to Boston and then to Portland just to attend our first Pirate’s game of the season makes that fact that we saw him and the rest of the team in action so much better. Now if any of you are wondering why he was named AHL player of the week, let’s just say that Mark has had 4 goals and 4 assists in 3 games, for a grand total of HOLY CRAP! Just kidding that would be 8 points folks, 8 points that’s more then most of the Sabres players have had all season.

Am I wrong is saying that I think we should have a team transplant for a game? I think that the whole Pirates team should come up and play an NHL game and I think that the Sabres should be demoted for a game and sent back to the AHL. I’m starting to wonder if maybe the Pirates could actually beat an NHL team because, and let’s face it, with the way that they’ve been playing I’m thinking that it’s a definite possibility. Any thoughts???