Okay, so remember how I said that Kim and I were going to go by the Ritz to see if we saw any Sabres??
Well…  I’m going to be brutally honest with you.  I did not expect to see any.
When we got off the T at Park Street, in the middle of the Boston Commons, I look down the road and see a man with wavy, shaggy, caramel-colored hair, walking further down the block, in a suit, towards the Ritz.
Who was that, you ask?  MAXIM AFINOGENOV, Kim’s future ex-husband.
Oh, but wait.  It gets better.
So then we walk down Avery, the street the hotel is physically on.  And then we see Paully getting out of a cab.  Now, Kim didn’t want to go up to him, and we were on the opposite side of the street to begin with, so we kind of just followed him, down that block, down three more, and then up one.
Now, he had his earbuds in, so I didn’t know the polite way to say, “HEY!  YOU’RE PAUL GAUSTAD!” without freaking him out, so we didn’t interrupt his “me time.”  But then we were stopped at a crosswalk, RIGHT NEXT TO HIM, and me, still not knowing how to say “hey,” I blurt out, “Kim, where’s my phone” in a panicked frenzy.  I then pull my Sabres jersey half way out of my purse, thinking it might get his attention, but no.
So we let him go, and he begins to wander through the park, and we head back to the Ritz, again, totally not expecting to see anybody.
At this point, we were ridiculously warm from keeping up with Paul and his ridiculously long legs, so we took a breather at the corner.
All of a sudden, a gigantic yellow coach bus that looked like a giant caterpillar pulls up, and out steps Coaches McCutcheon and Patrick, as well as Lalime, Paille, Kotalik, Tallinder, Lydman, and Stafford.
I drag Kim across the street, only after I called my mother, for her to yell at me to get my ass in gear.
I go up to Drew, subway ticket and pen in hand, because that was all I had, and state,  and I quote, “Drew, I know it’s lame, but can you sign my subway ticket?”
Then he took a picture of all the fans that were standing there (which was quite a few, actually) with his iPhone, because he “likes to take pictures of fans in other cities.”
lkghlo;shgl;ahgaljg LOVE.
More later.  =]