…and it’s not who you think it is.

I’m not talking about Paul Gaustad, Tim Connolly, Ryan Miller, Drew Stafford, Pat Kaleta, or even Jason Pominville.

Now, you might be wondering, “Has Cari really gone off the deep end this time? Because, and even Jason’s a stretch, but those are all the Americans on the team…”


My dear friend Katie has been maintaining her duties to keep me updated on sightings in Buffalo while I’m away, and she sent me this awesome tidbit this morning:

Hi, hope your trip is fabulous. 🙂 Wanted to tell you I saw Maxim at City Hall yesterday. He became a citizen.

kjhakjfhalkhlfkjahg How freaking cute is that??!?!? And I wasn’t even there to see it!

He just looks so excited!!

But I, of course, had to share this with you, my lovelies, because I can’t be the only person in the blogosphere to know it. You all have to know it, and it’s my duty to share!

But there’s no chance of seeing Max suit up in red, white, and blue because he’s already played for Russia. Oh well. But I guess that means he’s planning on sticking around…

We’re up to Portland in a couple hours, so we’ll be getting minimal exposure to the Sabres. Hopefully they’ll win, and hopefully the video updates I get at the end of each period will feature some awesome blue and gold goals.

Go Pirates and Go Sabres!!