Hockey finally starts tonight!!!!!!!!!  FOR REAL!!!  Ohmigosh I feel bad for my neighbors.  Since I cannot get to the game tonight, I’m having a little Sabres Soiree by myself, since all of my friends are either working, going to the game, or are out of town.  Well, actually, my friend Jason texted me last night and asked if I wanted to go see Quarantine with himself and some guys we used to work with, but I obviously declined, for both obvious and not-so-obvious reasons.  I HAVE HOCKEY TO WATCH, PEOPLE!!
Um, so basically I have no words to say, because I cannot even think straight.  I feel that the only thing I can come up with right now is along the lines of Lindy Ruff’s words:
“Every year it’s special.  I can just tell you that [the] last two mornings there you usually get in at 7:30-8 and it’s been 6:30-7 because you can’t wait to get it started.  And it’s almost a nervous anxiety, even for coaches.  It’s like, ‘Do we have everything covered?  Have we gone through everything we can possibly go through?’  And when you’ve done that you ask that question again.  It doesn’t change.”

Basically, that’s me.  I woke up at 9, instantly shot out of bed and ran downstairs to get my newspaper.  (Actually, my mother held up the Home & Style section to show me a picture, but sunlight was shining through and my eyes weren’t completely focused due to being shut for 8 hours, so I at first thought Nathan Paetsch (model version) was Lance Bass.  Sorry, Nate.  ilu)  This is me everyday, but now every mention of the Sabres is making me squeel with joy.
I CANNOT WAIT.  I’m going shopping for Soiree Supplies shortly.  I have to decide what I want to snack on during the game.  Any suggestions?  Hmm, maybe some taco pizza, since it’s all Derek Roy’s rage.
Guys, if you can get to watch the game on MSG, they’re showing the first episode of The Sabres Show at 7 pm before the game.  If you can’t watch MSG, it’s also premiering on SabresTV on the website at 6:30 pm this evening.  Read about it here.
There was an article about Clint Malarchuk’s accident that I mentioned yesterday in the TBN today; read that here.
Also in the TBN, as I mentioned early, was Nathan Paetsch modeling.  That’s because, as I’m sure you’ve all heard, SabreStyle debuts today.  I have to call the Sabres Store and find out if it’ll be out all day today, or if they’re just putting it out for the game.  Because if it’s the former, I’m going down there proto.  But anyways, Nathan and Adam look damn good in these pictures, although I’m partial to Danny on the website.
The Gusto today also highlights the best places to watch the game locally if you can’t make it to the game:
–  Dave & Buster’s, Eastern Hills Mall
–  Old Falls Sports Bar & Grill, 300 Third St, Niagara Falls
–  Buffalo Wild Wings, 2017 Elmwood Ave, 3035 Niagara Falls Blvd, or 5431 Transit Rd
–  Duff’s, 3090 Orchard Park Rd, Orchard Park, or the Amherst location at Sheridan Dr. and Millersport Hwy
–  Tully’s, 1459 Niagara Falls Blvd, or the location near the Eastern Hills Mall
–  The Warehouse, 4360 Milestrip Rd, Blasdell
–  Buffalo Sports Garden, 2945 Southwestern Blvd, Orchard Park
That’s about all I can give you right now, because like I said, my brain is like this:
so I really can’t focus on doing anything.
I’m going to go shopping and hope for interesting Sabres news from some other people today, since I’m behaving like a kid would if it were Christmas Day but they had to wait until 7 pm to open their present.  NOT GOOD.
Go Sabres!!