This is going to get lengthy…

So I woke up at 8:00 am for nothing because right now it’s 8:35, and still no Derek Roy report.  They just told me that he’d be on after they played Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours,” which is fine by me because I love him too, but after that, they’re now playing “Sexy Can I?”  I’m a little miffed.

There is some silver lining, in these finer points provided by today’s TBN:
–  Ryan Miller, on his teammates, specifically the ones he played in Rochester with, and the ones he now plays with:  “I’m sitting here sever years deep with a few guys, and I consider them some of my best friends.  It’s just kind of the attitude.  You’re around them, you get to know each other, you have a history.  I know just a ton about these guys, where they come from, what they’re all about, what they want to do in their life.  Not just in hockey, but everything, because you have time to talk.  You’re sitting on the bus, and you’re talking about everything.  You’re on the plane, you’re goofing around, and you’re talking about life.  It’s what you do with your friends–your best friends.”

–  Ryan and Paul traveled across Europe together this past summer, and there were “standing next to [each other] in the fall of 2005, when their lifelong dreams were fulfilled…  One day Lindy Ruff summoned them.  Surrounded by uncertainty, they marched to see the coach.  Guys, he said, it’s time you found a place to live.”

–  Lindy Ruff:  “We had a winning year last year; but it wasn’t a playoff year.  In my book, winning is calculated by being able to play past the regular season.  We didn’t quite make it, and the character part of this is you learn from your disappointments.”

–  Despite playing only 48 games last season, Tim Connolly was 6th on the team in scoring (40 points), 3rd in assists (33), 4th in home scoring (29), and 3rd in home assists (24).  I guess when he’s really, really bad, he’s actually really, really good.  That could explain A LOT.

–  Connolly had this to say:  “I’m by far in the best shape of my life, bar non.  All the physical testing results are the highest I’ve had in my career.  It was a long summer of rehab and training and getting ready.  The goal is playing every game.  Contribute at both ends of the rink and contribute on the special teams because I feel like I can make the team better in those areas.”  A later quote said this:  “I’m not authorized to talk about injuries,’ a smirking Connolly said.”  HE SMIRKED.  THIS IS NOT OUR TIM CONNOLLY.  He must be an imposter.
–  Matthew Barnaby will appear on SportsCenter on Wednesday and Thursday nights and also make rounds of ESPNews an ESPN radio and write for
Derek Roy FINALLY had this to say:
–  The team is ready and raring to go.
–  The team has been focusing on defense.
–  The officials are going to be cracking down on obstruction.
–  His goals?  “Pretty much the same…  More leadership.”
–  “Not just making the playoffs, going deep in the playoffs.”
–  Craig Rivet “is great.”
–  Craig Rivet is “a 30-year-old trapped in a 14-year-old’s body.”
–  They’re going to play tricks on the newbie.
–  He’s expecting to be on the PK.
–  He likes to block shots.
–  Who’s available to date?  Himself, Ales, Tim, Drew, Adam, Paul, Pat K…  They stopped there.  (He lied though, because we’re dating.  And MJ is with Adam, and Kim is with Paul, so…  But he did confirm that Danny is engaged.)
–  “That’s a random question.”
–  Wants a cure for cancer.
–  Perfect pizza?  Taco pizza.
–  Most embarrassing moment?  Had an empty net in a championship game and missed.  Shot into the corner, and then fell down and ran into the post.
–  Worst pick up line he used or heard?  “I don’t use them… but ‘How much does a polar bear weigh?’  ‘Enough to break the ice.”
–  Believes in ghosts.
–  Identifies most with Vinnie on Entourage.  His brother (which one?) would be Drama.
–  Identifies with the Roadrunner.  Because he’s fast.
–  Likes to play Guitar Hero.
–  Has a guitar, but admittedly needs lessons.
Oh, and Clint Malarchuk shot himself in the face.  Don’t worry; he’s okay.  At least, as okay as he can be.  Apparently he was shooting rabbits on his Nevada property and was reloading the gun and it went off.  At least, that’s what they were saying on Kiss before Derek came on.
And the TBN also had this in the Life & Arts section:  Country star Kellie Pickler last year battled depression and suffered severe reactions to antidepressants after struggling with family problems and an emotional breakup with her boyfriend, professional hockey player Jordin Tootoo.  I’d be emotional, too, if I had just broken up with him, although I feel my emotions would be the exact opposite of Kellie’s, because I’d be absolutely elated.  Whatever, though.