So while perusing the Sabres’ sites for information I found the roster on the Sabres Edge Blog. This is the regular season roster according to The Buffalo News so I’m guessing all the cuts have been made and everyone who’s going to Portland has already been sent there.

So here’s a break down:

  • 8 defensemen so at least one or two will be sitting out a game
  • 14 forwards, with Paul out for 4-6 weeks (sniffle) and Timmy-ho questionable because of sore back problems??? we have 12 dressing forwards
  • 2 Goalies

The only thing that I question is keeping both Sekera and Weber up in Buffalo. Sekera I can understand because he’ll have to clear waivers to get sent back to Portland but Weber I’m not so sure about unless they anticipate that someone’s going to get hurt in the first few games (let’s hope not).

ONLY 3 DAYS and I’m going to miss it:{{{{{{{{{{{{{

Oh and former Sabre Rhett Warrener was placed on waivers today by Calgary in an attempt to get below the salary cap.