Does anybody else think this is a bit ironic?  I mean, I know the Pirates play in the AHL, and the AHL isn’t nearly as difficult as the NHL, but come on.
I mean, ALL of these guys were HERE, and the guys that ARE here can’t do it, but the guys that are THERE can???  Now I’m not saying we would’ve won last night if Jhonas Enroth was in net and if we had Marek Zagrapan centering the second line (notice I left Derek his rightful place on the first).**  Whatever though.  I’m still pissed that they took Derek’s goal away from him.
Lindy Ruff pretty much sums it up in the TBN:
“It’s tough.  Ty Conklin has been tough on us, we get one and it doesn’t count.”
It just drives me nuts because every time we’ve played him since he took off the blue and gold, we’ve lost.  Ice Bowl?  Lost.  The game Kim and I drove down to Pittsburgh for?  Lost.  Last night?  Lost.  Sound familiar?
I’ve worked myself up enough about a preseason game, so I’m not going to talk about it anymore.
In other news, neither Kim or I mentioned that MARK MANCARI CLEARED WAIVERS!!  I guess it was pretty obvious because neither of us have stopped paying attention to the world, and if he had, trust me, YOU’D KNOW.
**Stats for the Portland Pirates/Albany River Rats preseason game:
Marek Zagrapan:  2 goals, 1 assist
Nathan Gerbe:  1 assist
Jhonas Enroth:  30 minutes (approx.), 1 goal against
Adam Dennis:  30 minutes (approx.), 2 goals against