Yesterday, Kim and I observed that our dear Man-Child seemed a little more manly, and a little less childish.  (That is, if you ignore this

And the Buffalo News seems to confirm my story with their own piece on Danny.  It states that Dan beefed himself up this summer, that he can now puff his chest up, and that his shoulders buldge.  I mean, it’s kinda hard to be that specific when he’s in pads and all, but I’d have to say that John Vogl is right because he was noticeably different, if you get past the fact that he still makes stupid faces for the camera, which lack creativity.  Yeah, Dan, close your eyes and stick out your jaw and make yourself look a little less than mentally capable of playing go fish.  My little cousin can do that and he’s 5.  Good ambition.  But I suppose your dreams of playing on the 2nd line with Jochen and Pommers could come true this year.  Just don’t usurp the RAV line, which, by the way, was skating together yesterday!!

And in other news, a feel-good story from TBN:  Guardian angels step in to save a life.  Honestly, I love Sabres fans for this reason.  Well, okay, these guys could have been Leafs fans, but whatever.  They saved the guy’s life.  And from the standpoint of someone studying medicine in some capacity, I love stories like this.  When my mom was reading this story to me this morning, I was half expecting her to say it was a Sabre that saved him.  Can you imagine Timmy doing CPR on someone?  Because I can’t…  That is, unless it’s a chick and he’s about to get laid.

But if you come to Buffalo you’d better be nice.  I do remember one nice Leafs fan…  Well, he was drunk, so who really knows if he was nice, but for all intensive purposes, he was.  I was about 10 years old, I think, at the HSBC Arena, enjoying yet another Sabres/Leafs game, and this old TO fan was sitting in front of us wearing an old Tim Horton Sabres jersey (I haven’t a clue either).  During intermission he went to the Sabres Store and spent well over $200 on merch, and proceeded to hand it all out (mostly hats and pucks) to the kids all around him.  I received a hat, which I believe I still have around here somewhere…

I’ll post more about today’s practice later.