Yay!  That means I get to stare at my favorite Justin Timberlake look-a-like way past my 21st birthday…  =]

So on this beautiful, albeit a bit chilly, September morning, I should have been attending classes at Erie Community College, and Kim should have been cozy in her Tonawanda home, studying.  BUT, since TRAINING CAMP IS MERELY HOURS AWAY, we could not resist the temptation to see our guys before The System starts to work them over.

At 8 am, we started our adventure.  Now, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, because we weren’t too sure that they would show up, seeing as it’s technically their last day of vacation until at least April, but hopefully June.

But…  Here’s what we did encounter:

8:20 am : A white Cadillac Escalade pulls into the parking lot.  No one exited.  About 15 minutes went by with no activity.  We did notice, though, that the truck had a California license plate, so by default, we determined that the mystery man inside was none other than new-comer Craig Rivet.  At this point, he backed his truck up and proceeded to talk on the phone and drive to the other end of the lot, where he put the truck in park.  Here’s what we assume he was saying to the person on the other line, who we decided was one Derek Roy:

Craig:  Dude, where are you?  Is anybody coming today?
Derek:  Um…  Yeah, dude.  What are you talking about?
Craig:  Well no one’s here yet.  Don’t you guys know that I have no idea where the hell I am?  I’ve only been in Buffalo for three weeks, you know.
Derek:  Yeah, Craig, we know.  We’re coming, man, don’t get your panties in a bunch.
Craig:  This just better not be some kind of joke or trick that you play on the newbies.  ‘Cause if it is, it’ll be your panties that are in a bunch.
Derek:  Whatever dude.

8:45 am : Whilst poor little lost Craig Rivet is chatting furiously with Royzie, he is ignorant to the fact that Jason Pominville just drove right by him in a silver Expedition, blaring the Jonas Brothers, and thinking he’s all hot in his aviator sunglasses (we’re not 100% sure that he was listening to the Jonas Brothers, but admit it, it’s not a far-fetched idea).

9:10 am : A wacky little bird scuttles across the parking lot, chirping.  Apparently he was as excited as we were.

9:20 am : Jochen Hecht arrives in a white BMW, but is apparently too cool to get there so early, so he stays in his car for a while.

9:25 am : An older model black Cadillac pulls up.  A tall, dark, and handsome man gets out, but his back is to us, so we are yet left to wonder as to his identity.  That, though, is revealed when Mr. Patrick Lalime pulls out his brand-spankin-new bright blue goalie mask.

9:30 am : Henrik Tallinder apparently didn’t know what the weather was going to be like today, as he exited his BMW wearing a sweatshirt with shorts and flip flops.  Also arriving at this time was Paul Gaustad, dressed similarly, but driving an older model Mercury Mountaineer (I have to say, I was quite surprised he wasn’t in some little, economical hybrid).  Ryan Miller appears to double as Mary Poppins, considering that he can fit all of his goalie equipment into a sporty little BMW, and Toni Lydman arrived in a black Audi.  A black Equinox or Torrent

9:35 am : Goaltending coach Jim Corsi arrived, Tim Horton’s in hand.  Adam Mair pulled up in a white Lexus ISF (SOOOO JEALOUS.  Adam, I’m stealing your car.), and a mystery Sabre, who we are guessing is Ales Kotalik came in a silver Mercedes.

9:40 am : At this point in time, a black Lamborghini parks across from us.  Who on the Sabres could possibly afford a Lamborghini besides Thomas Vanek?  No one.  He carried in an armful of colorful jerseys.

9:45 am : Almost hitting my car, Drew Stafford literally flies into the parking lot in a black Suburban with a Minnesota plate.  About the same time, Derek Roy, chauffeuring Daniel Paille and Adam Dennis, arrive in his boxy Mercedes SUV, which is very stupid-looking.  Immediately, all three gentlemen jump out of the truck and literally run over to Tommy’s car, and proceed to gawk at it for a few moments, like kids at FAO Schwartz.

9:50 am : Teppo Numminen arrives, looking better than ever, and pulls his gear out of a gold Mercedes SUV whilst chatting on the phone.

10:00 am : An unidentified Sabre arrived now, in a black BMW SUV.  We couldn’t figure out who it was, but he was skinny.  And because he didn’t appear at any other time, we assume this was Nathan Paetsch.

10:05 am : Trying very unsuccessfully to be fashionably late were Maxim Afinogenov (looking like a big, hot mess), Andrew Peters (in short shorts), and Jaroslav Spacek (in a lime green polo), driving black cars, a BMW, an Acura, and a BMW, respectively.  I guess it’s better late than never.

10:45 am : Another unidentified Sabre arrives in a white Range Rover, after we left.  I can only hope it was Tim Connolly.  I have yet to see him outside of a Sabres event in person in so long.  I don’t think Tim Connolly actually exists anymore…

We took pictures of them all for you to see…  We’re not so mean as to keep them all to ourselves.  Just I get Derek, and Kim gets Paul.  The rest are fair game.

So that was our morning.  I was glad to see that the Buffalo News had an article about one of my favorite minor-leaguers, Mark Mancari.  I really hope he gets a chance to show off his game in the NHL.  After going to a few Amerks games last year, he’s truly quite a presence on the ice, and a leader for that young team.

And I seriously cannot wait until tomorrow.  Like, this is honestly the most excited about a hockey season that I have ever been, and that, my friends, is saying something.